On-campus housing options and costs

Most U.S. colleges and universities require first-year undergraduate students to live on campus. Buildings where students live are commonly called “residence halls”. The cost of housing varies with each college or university and depends on the type of housing. These types include:

  • Dormitory Rooms

Dormitory (“dorm”) rooms are on-campus bedrooms with 2-3 students. The dorm room contains a bed for each student. Each student also gets a desk, closet, dresser and chair. Most dorm rooms do not have their own bathrooms. Instead, there is a common bathroom for each gender. The bathrooms have faucets, private toilets and private showers.

  • Suites

Suites are larger living areas. Each suite has three or more dorm rooms. Each dorm room might have two or more students. Each student gets a bed, desk, closet, dresser and chair. Most suites have a common lounge and bathroom. The bathrooms have faucets, private toilets and private showers.

  • Apartments

Apartments are similar to suites. In some apartments, you might have your own bedroom. Apartments have:

      • Bedrooms
      • A living room
      • A bathroom
      • A kitchen

Off-campus housing options and costs

After your first year on campus, you might want to move elsewhere. This can provide more independence, amenities and privacy.

Most off-campus housing options are apartments. Sometimes, you can find a small house.

It is most popular and common for students to rent housing. Prior to renting an apartment or house, you must first apply for and sign a lease. A lease is an agreement between the housing’s owner and the people renting it. A lease also determines the amount of time you will be renting the housing. Most leases last for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.

All housing comes with the cost of rent. Rent is the amount you pay each month to live there. The amount depends on many things:

  • The size of the apartment or house. This is the amount of space and the number of bedrooms.
  • Utilities included. Utilities are things like heat, hot water, or electricity.
  • Location
  • Other amenities. Some apartments buildings come with extra things like:
    • Dishwasher
    • Laundry facilities
    • Elevator
    • Gymnasium
    • Pool
  • The more amenities you have, the higher your rent will be.