Picture Yourself at Lorain County Community College


On-campus housing options and costs Most U.S. colleges and universities require first-year undergraduate students to live on campus. Buildings where students live are commonly called “residence halls”. The cost of housing varies with each college or university and depends on the type of housing. These types include: Dormitory Rooms Dormitory (“dorm”) rooms are on-campus bedrooms Read more …

Income and Finance

Bank Accounts You should  open a checking and savings account with a bank. These accounts are places to store your money. They help you keep track of money you are spending, earning and saving. This is different from a credit card. With a checking or savings account, you can only spend money you actually have. Read more …


One of the most important things to know is where to go if you get sick or hurt. There are many things you can do to prevent both. But you should be informed on where to get healthcare. Before you leave for the U.S. Make sure you have received all of your medical records from Read more …

Classroom Atmosphere in America

Thumbnail for Post Classroom Atmosphere in America

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